Work Order Tracking Template

Progress report template of your shop floor operations!

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Work Order Tracking Template: Progress Report Template of your shop-floor Operations



Work Order Tracking Template as the progress report template help you monitor your shop-floor operations by tracking on production process / work order status at all shop floor area and help you fix potential issue before effect on shipment delay!

progress report template

How to Use:

This Excel template has 8 worksheets:
1 - Define Operation & Start Date
2 - Work Order Log - OP-1
3 - OP-2
4 - OP-3
5 - OP-4
6 - OP-5
7 - W/O Tracking Report
8 - Support Data(no need to entry)

Worksheet#1 [Define Operation & Start Date]

Step 1 - Define Operation Name (max. 5 operations)
Step 2 - Define start date for all date fields in this template.

Worksheet#2 [Work Order Log - OP-1]
Step 3
- Entry work order data ( work order no.,item name,order quantity, and order issue date )

Worksheet#3-#6 [OP-2...OP-5]
Step 4-7
- At each operation whenever a work order has been finished, entry that order with issue date. work order number will be listed from operation-1's data using data validation feature.

Worksheet#7 [W/O Tracking Report]
Step 8
- Use [Ctrl][Alt][F5] to refresh data from all operations, you can see report like above picture.

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