Inventory Reordering Template 

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Inventory Reordering Template


Prevent Material Shortage using Reordering Report. By Set up Reorder Point Inventory Level, Reorder Policy, Minimum Order Quantity or Lot Size Quantity.

reordering template

How to Use:

This Excel template has 2 worksheets:
1 - Set up Reorder Policy
2 - Reorder Report

Worksheet#1 [1 - Set up Reorder Policy]
Step 1
- Entry data only Itemes which have reorder policy ( Item, Reorder Point, Reorder Policy<drop down list>,Qty ).

Worksheet#2 [2 - Reorder Report]
Step 2
- Entry data or import data from your inventory control software ( Item, Item Description, On Hand Qty).

Step 3 - Proposed Reorder Quantity will be calculated automatically from reorder policy.

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