Work Order Form Template

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Work Order Form Template



Work Order Form Template in Excel Spreadsheet help you create Bill of Material & Routing, Design and Print Work Order Form, Material Requisition, Work order by Operation with material required in different formats for your work order systems. Can identify which materials will be issued in the desired operation.

work order form template

How to Use:

This excel-based Work Order Form template has 7 worksheets:
1 - FG
2 - RAW
3 - OP
4 - BOM
6 - Work Order
7 - Work Order Form

WS#1 [1-FG]
Step 1
- Entry data or import data of finished goods. (F/G Item no., Description, Quantity unit, max. 3 FG user defined fields)

WS#2 [2-RAW]
Step 2
- Entry data or import data of raw material item. (Raw Item no., Description, Quantity unit, max. 3 RAW user defined fields)

WS#3 [3-OP]
Step 3
- Entry data or import data of production operations(work centers). (Operation no., Description, quantity unit, max. 3 OP user defined fields)

WS#4 [4-BOM]
Step 4
- Entry data or import data of Bill of Materisl(BOM) (F/G item no., Raw Item no., Qty/unit, Issue to operation no., 3 BOM user defined fields)

WS#5 [5-ROUTE]
Step 5
- Entry data or import data of Routing. (F/G item no., Operation no., Hours per unit( HPU), 3 ROUTE user defined fields)

WS#6 [6-Work Order]
Step 6
- Entry data or import data of Work Order. (W/O no., F/G Item no., Order Qty, Start date, Due Date, 3 W/O user defined fields)

WS#7 [7-Work Order Form]
Step 7
- You can have 2 forms in single printing.
(1) Work Order Form including material requisition ( Work order information, Material Information, Production operation information )
(2) Work order Form by operation (maximum 5 operations) ( Work order information, Production operation information, Material issue for each operation )

TipBefore printing please fillter 1st column(B1) by selecting only "x".

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