Real-time Work Order Tracking System

Shopfloor123 comes with...

  • Flexible predefined Routing Configuration with cost centers and work centers. 
  • Production workflow starting from release job to production line, update WIP at work center level. 
  • Real time Progressive of WIP Status Report for Top management, Sales team, Production supervisors and Operators at shopfloor. 
  • Automated email notification can be sent to next operation and all concern people.(option)
  • Shopfloor123 has been developed using Google apps script as back end, Google Sheets as entry form, submit form and database, and Gmail as automated email notification. 
  • Manufacturing people can gain easy to use from Google sheets and Gmail, gain powerful features, security, cloud-based platform from Google Apps for Work.

Why Shopfloor123

  • Ease of use with Google Account - Google Sheets & Gmail 
  • Fast Implement as Add On system for existing production or ERP System 
  • Go live within 3 – 6 weeks 
  • Affordable monthly subscription plan start from US $9.95 per machine per month

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Aerospace & Defense , Automotive, Chemicals, Construction / Project, Consumer Products, Distribution, Electronics, Engineer-to-Order, Food & Beverage, High Technology, Industrial Machinery, Job Shop / Machine Shop, Made-to-Order(Small), (Mid-sized), Metal Fabrication, Paper & Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Process / Batch Manufacturing, Retail, Semiconductors, Wire & Cable

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