Workforce Analysis Template 

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Version: 1.00


Workforce Analysis Template provide Manpower Status Report including Organization Structure - Department and Section, Position and Position Level, Age and Service Year information.

workforce analysis report

How to Use:

This Excel template has 7 worksheets:
consist of 4 master data, 1 workforce database, and 2 reports.

Worksheet#1 [1 - Department]
Step 1
- Input Department Name

Worksheet#2 [2 - Section]
Step 2
- Input Section and link to its Department Name

Workwheet#3 [3 - Position Level]
Step 3
- Input Position Level

Worksheet#4 [4 - Position]
Step 4
- Input Position and link to its Position Level

Worksheet#5 [5 - Workforce Database]
Step 5
- Input Workforce Database ( Employee No, Employee Name, Date of Birth, Hiring Data, Position, Section )

Worksheet#6 [6 - Manpower Report]
Step 6
- View/Print Manpower Report

Worksheet#7 [7 - Service Year Report]
Step 7
- View/Print Service Year Report

Tip: Reports are created using pivot table, you can drill down or hide detail by press '+' or '-' locate on the left of column. 

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