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Hi, My name is Alongkorn Adunyanon. This web site is my personal web site which dedicated to share my experiences thru Excel templates.

I stay in Thailand. From manufacturing point of view, Thailand have the good opportunity to acquire both Western and Eastern production management philosophy. I have educational background in Industrial Engineering, with Continuous Improvement Conscious. I also have many years of experiences in Production Planning & Control and ERP Project Management.

Excel as my favorite spreadsheet tool to develop my planning templates. I familiar with spreadsheet program such as lotus 1-2-3 since 1987. I confidence that most of operation managers or planners, love Excel and use it to analyze information, solve any problems while the large information system like ERP cannot support.

If you have any comments, or let me to develop custom planning spreadsheet template fit for you to meet your manufacturing's KPI, please feel free to contact me via Contact Us web page.

If those templates have some benefits for you and would like to share them with your friends or others, I would like to thanks in advance if you let them know this web site via 'Share this Page' table below.

All the best,

Alongkorn A.

Founder of Planning-Templates.com

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