Inventory Status Template

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Inventory Status Template


Inventory Status Template in Excel Spreadsheet : Track material receipt and issue and help you have more Visibility on Material Availability.

inventory status  template

How to Use:

This Excel template has 4 worksheets:
1 - Receipt
2 - Issue
3 - Report
4 - Data(no any data entry)

Worksheet#1 [1 - Receipt]
Step 1
- Data Entry ( Receipt Date, Item, Receipt Qty, Ref No. ).

Worksheet#2 [2 - Issue]

Step 2 - Data Entry ( Issue Date, Item, Issue Qty, Ref No. ). 

Worksheet#3 [3 - Report]

Step 3 - Press (Ctrl+Alt+F5) every time to refresh data when update transactions in worksheet#1-#2.You can have 2 reports: Status Report and Transaction Report by Date

Tip You can see inventory balance status as of required date in the past by tick off date after required date, for example, status as of '2/19/10' by tick off '2/20/10'.

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