Automated Production Scheduling in Excel Spreadsheet

Scheduler123 version 2.0

Ease-of-use Machine Scheduling in Excel   Affordable Software for Job Shop Manufacturers 
Developed by Hand-On Master Scheduling Manager
for your higher performance!

On Time Delivery

Scheduler123 is the powerful and affordable excel-based Production Scheduling Software Solution. 

Scheduler123 empowers master schedulers to help their manufacturing meet On Time Delivery KPI by Deliver Products On Time, Satisfy Customers, Retain loyalty Customers, Increase Sales, Drive Revenue Growth, and Deliver Profit!.

production schedule example

How Scheduler123 Work!

Scheduler123 is Excel-based Production Scheduling Software Solution which easy to learn and easy to use. It has been designed by Master Scheduling Manager which has experienced in US-based, 3000-Workforce, Electronic Manufacturing Service(EMS) Manufacturing.(100% made-to-order manufacturing). 

Scheduler123 develope for every Hand-On Master Schedulers by balancing between Flexible to Change and Automated information generation for Productivity Improvement.


What if Capacity?

When Scheduler found some orders can not meet due date target. He can simulate What if Capacity? and collaborate with other such as Production Supervisor, Sales Executive, Process Engineer, Industrial Engineer or highlight to his Planning Manager to resolve them.

Key Features

  • Quick Response and Accurate Production Scheduling for Urgent Customer Order 
  • "One Button" Automated Finite Production Scheduling Processing using Forward Scheduling method 
  • Automatic Loading to multiple machines by Priority and No Earlier than Date 
  • Sort by Job Order, or by Work Center 
  • Flexible Gantt Chart with Powerful Visual Control Capabilities 
  • View gantt chart in summary( 24 hr/block ) or in detail ( 1 hr/block ) 
  • Warns in 'Red' when Customer Order is Late 
  • What if Capacity? to resolve Late Order. 
  • Batch Transfer to improve Manufacturing Throughput Time 
  • Eliminate Production Line Down and "Incompleted-Kit" Orders 
  • Prevents incomplete orders from being released to production, which will be caused production line down, using 'no earlier than date' 
  • Handles Multiple work centers with up to 20 individual-calendar work centers, or 100 shared-calendar work centers 
  • Handles Weekly Working Time and Break Time 
  • 120-day time-fence scheduling period 
  • 2,000 order-operation lines in scheduler workbench sheet 
  • Print Daily Production Schedule 
  •   for each work center for operators 
  •   for Production Supervisor 
  •   for all sales which take care their customers 
  •   for all concern Managers 
  •   for Top Management with high-level summary report 
  • Create unlimited Custom Report, with all fields from scheduler workbench, using Pivot Table feature for multi-dimensional analysis

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High Rate of Consistent On Time Delivery

"We have now been running full time with Scheduler 123 for just over 6 months and we are pleased to report our business has become far more organised and focused with a high rate of consistent on time delivery, well done and thank you for a well constructed, very effective and simple to use programme." 

Steve Burton, S D Precision Group Ltd, United Kingdom"

Making my life easier

"I like the Scheduler123 program very much ... it is definitely making my life a bit easier. 

Stephan, TX, United States"

When someone quote a new Job, they will know exactly when machine time will be available

"Before coming across Scheduler123, I wasted countless hours trying to create my own scheduling spreadsheet. I was never able to get it to work or look just the way I wanted it to. Scheduler123 has all the necessary features for job shop scheduling plus alot more. I update the schedule everyday and an html file of the schedule is automatically generated and saved to a location on our network.When someone needs to quote a new job,they can just click a shortcut and know exactly when machine time will be available.This has been a big time-saver for us." 

Scott L., MA, United States

A great visual tool, easily tell when orders are late or on-time

"Scheduler123 is a user-friendly tool, yet very effective way of managing our production time. A key feature for us was this template allows us to re-prioritize and then it re-schedules future jobs accordingly. This is a great visual tool, so we can see what the plan is for weeks to come, and easily tell when orders are late or on-time. Using Excel all the time, we were glad to find a product that fit right into a familiar program.Thank you" 

Cindy, WI, United States

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