ABC Analysis Template version 1.0

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ABC Analysis is the powerful inventory management tool which apply "Do the Right Thing First" concept and "Pareto" principle or "80/20" technique.

ABC Analysis template in Excel spreadsheet will help material manager focus on the high-value turnover of material first and the difference priority classes will be assigned to the difference level of the inventory control.

Version: 1.00


ABC Analysis Template: With ABC Classification you can manage High Inventory Value with Care, and saving on carrying cost on Low Inventory Value.

ABC analysis template

How to Use:

This Excel template has 3 worksheets:
1 - Blank Data
2 - Sample Data
3 - Steps

Worksheet#1 [1 - Blank Data]
Step 1
- Input ABC Classification Criteria ( A = %, B= % ).

Step 2 - Input Data ( Item, Consumption Qty, cost/unit). Amount Qty and Accumulated Amount Qty will be automaticed calculation

Step 3 - Sort Data in cloumn A,B,C
Step 4 - ABC Analysis report with ABC Class

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