Finite Loader : Product Demonstration

Create Daily Production Schedule with Confidence! Ensure that you can build product On Time, Without Capacity Issues! 
Easy-to-use and powerful tool for production scheduler to generate daily production schedule to meet on time delivery by concerning on shift capacity and product due date. Overtime may be added if required.

Demonstration Steps:

  1. assign 6 job orders on work center no. 1(wc-01). 
  2. sort all jobs by due date to do scheduling easier to meet product due date.
  3. load product quantity based on shift capacity* and remaining quantity**
  4. what if capacity? overtime may be added if find any over due date.
  5. show automated planned start date and planned end date by click on one button. ( format : date-shift ) It will be on standard and all custom pivot reports
  6. show production run rate can be difference between each work center. same product ( Product H,I on wc-01 and wc-02 ) 
  7. show row filter that select only job order lines only.

      * Shift Capacity = Product Run Rate (UPH) * Shift Capacity Hour Rate and show in format A-B-C (100-0-100) 

      ** Remaining Quantity = Balance QTY - Loaded QTY

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Aerospace & Defense , Automotive, Chemicals, Construction / Project, Consumer Products, Distribution, Electronics, Engineer-to-Order, Food & Beverage, High Technology, Industrial Machinery, Job Shop / Machine Shop, Made-to-Order(Small), (Mid-sized), Metal Fabrication, Paper & Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Process / Batch Manufacturing, Retail, Semiconductors, Wire & Cable

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