finite capacity loaing in excel

Advanced Production Scheduling Template

How Much Does It Cost?

You can have Finite Loader, Powerful finite capacity loading system in Excel, that…

  • Help you create daily production schedule with confidence and you can ensure that products will be built On Time, without Capacity Issues!
  • Flexible number of shift per day on the same scheduling sheet
  • Powerful Visual Scheduling
  •   Green bar chart for On Time zone
  •   Red Alert when order is late
  •   Red Alert when over shift capacity
  • Flexible Gantt Chart by selecting From-To Date
  • 10 Work Centers with 60-day Schedule or 180-Shift Schedule
  • Easy to clear job done with automated rescheduling
  • Sort by Job Order, Sort by Start date
  • "One Button" Automated Start Date & End Date Calculation
  • "DIY" Custom-made Multi-Dimensional Schedule Report using Pivot Table

You can invest at only $ 39 USD
it’s one-time fee, no recurring payment

Excel Version Required : Excel 2007/2010/2016
File Type : xlsm , Macro Enabled : Yes
Product Activation Required : Yes (each PC require specific activation code)
Worksheet Protection: Yes

Finite Capacity Loading in Excel

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See Demo... Finite Loader's Product Demonstration

Read More... Finite Loader's Main Features with Screenshot

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