Delivery Order Template
Delivery Order Form Generator Template version 1.0

production scheduling template

Automated Delivery Orders for Multiple Branches

Delivery Order Template's MAIN FEATURES

Print delivery order automatically for multiple branches - click on only one button to generate up to 50 Delivery Orders

Custom Form Design
- custom your defined field name both header data and item data
- select required field locate on the form both header field and item field

Flexible to your Requirments
- apply delivery order form for you installation order, delivery order, customer acceptance form etc.
- apply multiple locations for your branches, warehouses, plants, customer ship-to locations etc.

Easy to Entry Sales Order support for multiple Branches or Locations
- at header line, summary total number of branches and total quantity
- at product item line, show Branch Name with Qty when entry quantity for each branch
- singned names and positions can be displayed based on your selected departments or business units

See screen cam of Delivery Order Template : Form Generator Template version 1.0 Here...

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