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If your Excel version is Excel 2007 or above, you can download your Scheduler123 Here....

But if your Excel version is Excel 97-Excel 2003, you can download your Scheduler123 Here....

our download file is Zip file, if you need WinZip program to unzip file,
you can download WinZip free trial version

Installation Guide:
(you can find more detail installation in Scheduler123's Installation Guide.)

After you have downloaded ZIP file and saved in your temporary folder already.

1) Select your target computer which will install Scheduler123 into it.(You need to install to the RIGHT computer which you plan to run Scheduler123 on it. The other computers need to buy new licenses )

2) Create the new specific folder name( Scheduler123 )in drive C

3) Unzip fils and extract(copy) all files to that folder.

4) Open Scheduler123 in Excel2003 up, please ensure that you set up in Macro Enabled mode, in the first time it will pop up the message box, and show your Request Number. Scheduler123 need Activation Code which be generated from your Request Number to activate Scheduler123 in your one computer.

5) Send Request Number to us by filling Activation Request Form ,we will send back you Activation Code within one business day.

6) After receive Activation Code, open Scheduler123 again and input Activation Code in the blank field and click the ‘Activate Now’ Button to activate Scheduler123.

Need any support please feel free to contact:

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