Production Scheduling Template version 2.0

Flexible on Shift Capacity Scheduling and Powerful Visual Scheduling Template

visual schedule template

Excel Schedule Template's Main Features

Flexible Number of Shift per Day
You can mix 1, 2, and 3 shifts per day in the same production schedule

Production Run Rate of products can varies on each machines
workcenter#1 can produce Product A at rate 20 unit per hour, while if run on the old machine,workcenter#2, will be produced at only rate 10 unit per hour

Powerful Visual Scheduling

Green bar chart for On Time zone

Red Alert when order is late
Red Alert when over shift capacity

Flexible Gantt Chart by selecting From-To Date

10 Work Centers with 60-day Schedule or 180-Shift Schedule

Easy to clear job done with automated rescheduling

"One Button" Automated Start Date & End Date Calculation

"DIY" Custom-made Multi-Dimensioanl Schedule Report using Pivot Table