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Exact JobBOSS is the completed business management system for job shop, make-to-order manufacturers which aims to optimize your shop level, increasing performance which leads to your business growth. Exact JobBOSS provides a set of integrated solution and add-ons which avoid duplication, confusion and waste which help your business to save time and money. Exact JobBOSS is widely used by 7000 custom manufacturers world wide, it helps them to enhance the business visibility and make the better control to their shop.

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Industry Solution:

  • Mixed mode manufacturer
  • small to medium manufacturers


  • Window or web-based ERP, friendly interface
  • Dashboard to gain real-time insight for the process, shop capacity, production hour
  • Cloud or Server based deployment
  • Provided technical support & Training to guarantee your business growth
  • ERP solution provide the set of feature as can be described below:
    • Quoting capability,
      • Quote multiple parts, quantity in one screen
      • Define routing of each parts
      • Able to put the details of the assembled material that are needed for each parts
      • Generating report containing only useful information
    • Job,Order Entry
      • Job-Based instead of Item-based
      • Able to create Job from scratch or creating from quote, finished quote or templates
      • Provide ability to track the status of each part
    • Scheduling with JobBOSS
      • Provide the schedule view what's happening in your shop
      • Capacity monitoring for job status shop-by-shop
      • Drag and Drop job to the correspond shops
    • Material management
      • Create purchasing order for the material and send it as e-mail to the vendors in one go
      • Inventory UI to see what you have on hand. Also automatically add/remove stuffs according to the incoming transactions
    • Labor tracking and Data Collection
      • Provides the real-time data tracking
      • Provides the easy interface for the employee to use
    • Shipping management
      • Interface to ship multiple Jobs in one "pack list"
      • Create multiple shipping labels for the carrier
    • Costing report
      • Cost report for individual customer Jobs
      • Provide Job search capability
      • Cost report for individual Job
      • Report containing all need to know information such as Labor, Material, Services providing the estimated delivery time compared to the actual one. Which helps to indicate whether you're running the profitable business, which jobs need to be done more frequent in the future.
    • Accounting Solution
      • Account Payable providing the set of reports such as Vendor Invoices, Vendor payments, AP Post invoices, Recurring invoices, Adjustments, Other payments and more.
      • Account Receivable
      • eneral Ledge providing Balance sheet account, Journal Entry, Post Entries, Income Statement accoutns, Budgets and more.
    • Add-on solutions
      • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
      • Quality Control
Exact is the company innovating many popular ERP tools inside the manufacturer process for 30 years. Exact JobBOSS ERP is one of the tool set that creating with the proficient and experience. The tool is welly built, easy to understand and be able to integrate to some other tools like quick book and SASS system. It's one of the good option for the new manufacturer whose aims to optimize the whole workflow inside their business.

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